East Texas Alarm has partnered with Alarm.com and Home Control in order to offer our customers the latest in smart home technology. Our partners host the automation services that allow the customer to stay connected to their home from anywhere, while East Texas Alarm continues to monitor and service the system.

Whether at home, at the office, or out of town, our interactive home control solutions make it simple to monitor your property, keep loved ones safe and stay connected to home and family from anywhere. Control and automate your home security system, thermostats, electronic door locks, lights and more with home automation. You can check system status over the internet and/or mobile devices with cameras, touchscreen and Z-Wave lighting, thermostats and lock control technology, with one App controlling everything.

You can receive immediate notifications that can include images and video clips, to show you what is going on. Your home automation system can send you push notifications, emails or texts, when a door is left open, if the system is not armed or if the alarm has been triggered.

With our Home Automation, we can provide convenience and control with the latest technology:

As with any of our systems, there will be a knowledgeable technician available to help you with any questions about your smart home system in Tler, TX.