We offer a wide variety of security camera systems in Tyler, TX that can be designed to meet your specific needs whether that’s one camera or hundreds of cameras spread out across a multi building campus.

With the latest in IP/megapixel and analog camera systems, we are able to provide a one-system type platform regardless of the number of surveillance cameras. Video footage can be set up for cloud storage or on-site storage, and each of our systems can be accessed and viewed from your iphone/PDA and/or your computer workstations connected to your in-house network or the internet.

If you have an existing business or home camera system it can often be integrated into a new system allowing you to continue using older cameras that are still in good working order.

As with any of our systems, there will be a knowledgeable technician available to help you with any questions or service needs 24 hours per day throughout Tyler, TX and East Texas.

We can install indoor and outdoor security cameras across your property. For hard to reach or no-access areas, we also offer wireless cameras. Many of our outside cameras may need to be wireless outdoor security cameras.

Video Analytics

With the use of advanced video pattern-based algorithms, the system will recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that isn’t relevant to a scene. Push and email notifications can be generated based on suspicious activity.

Analytics Appearance Search

With the use of appearance search, the camera system can search through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest, across an entire site.