East Texas Alarm is an alarm monitoring company serving East Texas. Our company has been owned and operated by the Hodge family since 1965.

We are the only Underwriters Laboratories listed Central Station within 100 miles of Tyler, Texas. East Texas Alarm is licensed to install, service, monitor and issue U.L. Certificates for both burglar and fire alarm systems.

Our trained dispatchers and technicians are licensed and background checked through the State of Texas and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When a customer calls East Texas Alarm, they speak with an actual East Texas Alarm employee directly about their security or fire alarm monitoring and service needs.

When your alarm system is installed, serviced and monitored by the same security monitoring company, you will get quick response times to any concerns and issues that you may have. East Texas Alarm is rigorously inspected by Underwriters Testing Laboratories annually and meets state law requirements. Having your alarm system monitored by our U.L. listed Central Station also qualifies a customer for insurance premium discounts.

Cellular Monitoring

Signals are transmitted to East Texas Alarm over the cellular network. We consider this the best method used today for your alarm system monitoring. Signals transmitted over the cellular network are also about 10x faster than over your basic phone line.

Phone Line Monitoring

Phone line monitoring is an old-school way to monitor a system. Telephone companies are no longer required to maintain the infrastructure of the old copper lines and with the advancement of voice over IP (VOIP), phone lines are no longer reliable for communication of data. Probably about 70% of phone line communications (if not a higher percentage) no longer work consistently. We strongly encourage customers to use cellular communication for alarm signals; it is much more secure and provides faster transmission of signals. Virtually all our systems installed today use a cellular radio for communication.

Internet Monitoring

East Texas Alarm can monitor alarms over the internet; however, signals via the internet are not as secure and power outages normally interrupt service. Also, when a customer replaces routers and/or switches, service will be interrupted. We almost never monitor commercial systems over the internet because IT departments will often change IP addresses or security protocols, which will interrupt service.